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It was a fun ride but it’s time to call it quits


And just like that, the 38-year-0ld township hall was finished. Finito. Just waiting for the wrecking ball (plus a planning and zoning meeting later on in the week, but who’s counting).

The township committee closed the door on the township hall at 620 Berlin Road last night in front of a sparsely attended final township committee meeting. This Friday the township and its employees will begin the task of moving into the new town hall at the Voorhees Town Center to be open for business at 8:30 a.m. on Monday, May 16.

Pictures were off the walls, files were packed and waiting shipment, and several rows of chairs in the meeting room had already disappeared. Committee Member Mario DiNatale joked that the remaining chairs should be sold to interested residents like the old seats at Veterans Stadium.

“You need to come take a look before it’s knocked down,” DiNatale said, addressing all residents who have never seen the old township hall.

Mayor Michael Mignogna said the new township hall would likely serve the Voorhees residents well, but it was also sad to close the books on the old town hall.

“This is the final public meeting here at the hallowed town hall. It’s served the community well for many years,” he said. “But it is time for a change.”

Committee Member Harry Platt said it was indeed time for a change of venue for the township hall.

The community is invited to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony at the new town hall at the Voorhees Town Center on Monday, May 16 at 10:30 a.m.

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