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Master Gardeners to Middle School: No more flooding


The Master Gardeners of Haddonfield called on two friends to help create some new rain gardens at Haddonfield Middle School. The gardeners, the Rutgers Cooperative Extension, and Camden County representatives came together on Wednesday, April 27 to help create the eye-pleasing and environmentally friendly gardens at the school.

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Craig McGee of the Camden County Soil Conservation District said the county was happy to team with the Master Gardeners and Rutgers to help educate residents of Haddonfield about stormwater management.

The entrance of the middle school constantly floods, he said, and stormwater flows into Cooper River. Haddonfield is located in the Cooper River Watershed, he said, so managing stormwater runoff is very important.

The two small rain gardens will help soak up groundwater and naturally manage their flow into the ground, rather than water flowing over concrete and into the local storm system. The gardens will contain several varieties of local flora, he said, and will be planted on Monday by several middle school classes.

Sharon Gillis, Carol Larro, and Diane Shonyo of the Master Gardeners were busy tilling the soil of the two gardens before bringing more dirt over to the two small patches of land.

The gardens will be completed next week.


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