Running 100 miles is fun? Really?

It would take this intrepid reporter three days to run 100 miles if a heart attack didn’t kill him first. A Voorhees resident was able to run 100 miles in just a tad over one day…and she did it for fun.

Miriam Gilbert, of Voorhees, ran the Philadelpia 100 Mile Endurance Run that was held on April 2 to 3 in 28:33:02. Gilbert finished the race eight hours faster that the 36-hour time limit for the race.

The Philadelphia 100 Mile Endurance Run is 12 flat loops of the 8.4 mile Schuylkill Loop in Fairmount Park. The free race allows for walkers, non-competitive runners, and competitive runners to push their bodies to the limit while competing in one of the longest races in the country.

The race is not sanctioned by any governing body nor is it certified, so it is not a qualifier for any other race. The course is certified and accurately measured for other races, but it is not in and of itself a certified course.

The race is held annually in Philadelphia.