Reach for the stars


Even the youth of Voorhees Township came out to support the Special needs Parents, Educators And Kids of Voorhees Second Annual Abilities Awareness Week, held from April 2 to April 9.

In celebration of Abilities Awareness Week, SPEAK sponsored a poster contest in the Voorhees schools with the theme “Reach for the Stars.” SPEAK Chair, Juliana Maffei honored grand prize winner Maya Krwawicz for her award-winning poster. Abilities Awareness Week Chair Dr. Karen Scardigli and Principal Kristine DiCoio joined in as well.

The SPEAK representatives praised Krwawicz for her fantastic poster.

“This event is about awareness and acceptance” previously said Scardigli. “Whether a person has a physical disability, learning disability, or a mental health issue, too often these individuals are looked at in a different way because they are labeled. We want people to look beyond the label and see the person.”

SPEAK offered programs throughout the area and in the Voorhees Township Public Schools to promote understanding and acceptance of people with disabilities during the annual celebration week.