Fay is fighting back

Medford Council has spoken on the issue of former Councilwoman Victoria Fay’s residency, but that doesn’t mean she’s giving up.

Fay released a statement Monday evening stating that she’s filed an amended nine count complaint with the Superior Court of Burlington County seeking declaratory judgment against the council.

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According to Fay’s lawyer, Holly C. Fusco, she is seeking to have the court declare, as a matter of law, that a temporary relocation outside of the township, without any intent to remain outside of the township is not equivalent to a change of domicile/residency, as council ruled.

Fusco said Fay is also seeking immediate injunctive relief to set aside Council’s resolution to vacate Fay’s seat and to stop council from filling her seat with another individual.

The complaint also asserts claims for invasion of privacy, slander, intentional infliction of emotional distress and punitive damages against the township council and council members, individually.

Fay also announced on Monday that she had plans to switch her political party.

“I have decided to switch my political affiliation to Democratic. After months of personal attacks by the Republicans in Medford I have come to the conclusion that I have no interest in working with such a corrupt group of men,” Fay said. “I am going to continue my fight to maintain my rightful place on the Medford Council to represent women and the taxpayers of Medford who so desperately deserve a voice on Council. I will explore my political options in the coming weeks.”

Joseph Andi, Chairman of the Burlington County Democratic Committee, said the group was thrilled to welcome Fay to welcome Fay to the party,

“Vickie has been a staunch advocate for the taxpayers, in the face of scurrilous personal attacks,” Andi said. “Her resilience and persistence in fighting for the residents of Medford is exactly what our party stands for and we look forward to her strong presence on our team moving forward.”

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