Blinded by science!

The E.T. Hamilton Elementary School Science Fair featured ESP tests, volcanos and more. Here are a few highlights from the event.

1 — Conor Riley takes cover as Tanner Koch tries to limit some of the damage during the fourth graders’ Mentos and Diet Coke experiment. Ethan Shacket, not pictured, also assisted in the messy experiment.

2 — Kyle Kenselaar, left, and Michael Berthin demonstrated the power of volcanos.

3 — Third graders Theresa Schmus and Oliva Arculeo created and demonstrated the properties of bubbles.

4 — Xavier Whitcraft and Jordan Armstrong, not pictured, both third graders, deliciously explained the effects of black holes using Lemonheads candy.

5 — Jacob O’Connell showed the effects of dry ice on various substances.

6 — Michaela Elfant and Hannah Wilkes experimented with the various forms of human vocal ranges.