Religion and Violence lecture series

The Catholic-Jewish Commission’s Institute for Understanding Spring Lecture Series will focus on Religion and Violence.

We like to think of our faith traditions simply as paths to peace, yet, on a deeper levelm we know that religion addresses the most challenging aspects of human life with the goal of directing all human existence to a higher goal. This spring the commission will look at ways in which the Jewish and Catholic religious traditions have grappled with the human desire to transform our physical and social worlds through exerting power. The commission will examine the contradictions within our attempts to control violence and the challenges that still face us in our modern multi-religious, multicultural world.

All classes meet at 7:30 p.m., at the Weinberg Jewish Community Campus, 1301 Springdale Road. The schedule is as follows:

March 3 — Violence in Scripture and Tradition.

March 10 — Religious Violence in History.

March 17 — Religious Violence in Contemporary America.

Participants may earn a certificate in Christian-Jewish Studies from LaSalle University, minimum of 16 class attendances, per semester or per session available.

The cost per semester is $50 for those pursuing certification, and $25 for those who are not.

The cost per session is $20 for certification participants, and $10 for those not seeking certification.

Visit to register.