School aid figures announced


The school aid figures for 2011–2012 are in and as promised Gov. Christie devoted more school aid to both the Evesham Township K-8 School District and the Lenape Regional School District.

The figures were announced this morning and the Evesham K-8 District will be receiving more than $718,000 for 2011–2012 than it did for this year. Any additional funding for the district is important as the BOE is looking to help bridge a possible $5 million gap for the 2011–2012 budget.

The state aid totals will jump to $12,230,498 for the district.

The Lenape Regional School District will see its aid jump by almost $1.3 million for 2011–2012, for a total of $25.8 million.

Come back throughout the day for comments from district representatives and how the extra aid will change the budget outlook for 2011–2012.