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Fay returns to Council seat

After Council’s Feb. 7 meeting, everyone may have thought Councilwoman Victoria Fay was out for good.

They were wrong.

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To the surprise of many, Fay resumed her normal spot tonight on the five member governing body after a temporary court ruling this week overruled Council’s previous decision to oust her from her seat.

Members of Council and township officials did not comment on Fay’s return during the meeting except to say that the matter was currently in litigation.

Members of the public addressed Council during public comment, urging the other members of Council to offer Fay a public apology for their actions during the Feb. 7 meeting, which included a motion to vacate Fay’s Council seat after it had been discovered she was living in Evesham Township.

According to a statement released by the township at the time, Township manager Stephen Adezzio moved forward with an investigation as to where Fay was residing after a township employee brought forth information that she was living outside of Medford. That investigation revealed Fay had been residing in Evesham Township and had been going so five to six months before being elected to her seat in November.

“Under New Jersey law, no person can hold local elective office unless the person resides in the municipality to which he or she is elected. Further, the law requires that the position shall be deemed vacant if the person no longer resides in the municipality,” Mayor Chris Myers said in a statement. “Because of Mrs. Fay’s circumstance and the requirements of New Jersey law, the Township was directly at risk that any Township business voted on at that point would be deemed null and void.”

Responding to the allegations, Fay acknowledged that she had been spending time at a family property in Evesham and said she had been dealing with a private matter, butthat she is still a resident of Medford.

Citing that that she was denied her right without due process , she said she had plans to file a lawsuit against the township.

A temporary court ruling on Tuesday sided with Fay.

At last night’s meeting, Fay abstained from voting on official business because, she said, she did not have enough time to review the meeting’s agenda.

In comments at the end of the meeting, she said she would continue to serve the residents of Medford.

“They are what motivate me everyday,” she said. “I will continue to fight for every resident (of Medford) whether or not Council likes it, or me, or not.”

Last night members of the public also demanded answers about the Medford Crossings redevelopment project. Questions and debate about the subject went on for almost three hours. That redevelopment project, at Route 70 and Eayerstown Road, is slated to be addressed and discussed in depth during Wednesday’s planning board meeting.

Check back for further updates.


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