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Add one more snowstorm to the pile


Almost 70-degrees four days ago and now four inches of snow on the ground. If it were still 1998 at least meteorologists could blame this crazy weather on El Nino.

More than four inches of snow fell on the region last night, canceling school and creating a sloppy morning commute. Evesham Township crews were out at 1 a.m. last night after earlier salting the roads, clearing off some of the more troublesome streets, Township Manager Tom Czerniecki said.

The DPW did a great job and cleared off most of the streets by the morning, he said, but the county is still having a timing issue with clearing off the county streets in the township.

“The only nice thing to say about that is the county roads are heavily trafficked, so at least the snow gets packed down,” Czerniecki said.

Czerniecki and Mayor Randy Brown met with county officials in January to speak about the county’s inefficiency to clear snow off of the township roads after a storm. Czerniecki said nothing official has come from the meeting.

Unfortunately the snow fell on trash day in the township, so collection had to be halted this morning, Czerniecki said. It might start up again later today but will most likely end up being a double collection on Wednesday.

“It’s really the inconvenience of the trash, that was our biggest worry today,” he said. “Everything was cleared for rush hour that was no problem.”

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