Get ready for a messing morning commute


Tonight the warm weather of the weekend will be a distant memory, as the National Weather Service is calling for a messy night of sleet and snow, moving into a full blown snow storm for the early hours of Tuesday morning for a messy commute.

The National Weather Service is calling for today’s light rain to turn into a wintry mix this evening, turning into snow around 9 a.m. Tuesday morning. The snow will likely be contained to the morning hours, with the rest of the day being sunny but cold, in the high 20's.

It’s a sharp turn from last last week which saw temperatures up in the 70’s. Even throughout the weekend temperatures hovered in the 50’s despite strong winds and cold evenings.

Despite the possible snowstorm, the weather service is also predicting that temperatures will rise mid-week and possibly reach the low 50’s by Friday, though the warm weather will likely come with periods of rain.