Enjoy it while it lasts


65-degrees and sunny in the middle of February? If it weren’t for the snow on the ground you might have thought you had stepped into a vortex and come out on the other side in San Diego.

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Through the weekend the National Weather Service is predicting unseasonably warmer weather for this time of year, with a high of 65-degrees being predicted for Friday and temperatures in the fifties running through Saturday and Sunday.

But don’t put away those winter parkas and break the bikinis out of the dresser drawers just yet.

It’s a nice break from the bitter cold the region experienced earlier this week, but unfortunately that’s all it is, a break. Winter is far from over, with the weather service predicting a possible snow storm on Monday that could dump an inch or two of the white stuff over the region. The low for Monday is 29-degrees.

The threat of more snow is also evident for Tuesday, with a mix of rain and snow being called for by the weather service.

The temperature could jump again next Wednesday, with a high near 46-degrees. But for the time being get out there this weekend and enjoy the weather, because unfortunately it won’t last and will only be a distant memory if it does indeed snow on Monday and Tuesday.

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