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Working the winter storm

Another winter storm has come and gone in the Cherry Hill area, and, for the most part, Cherry Hill got off easy, except for maybe the local Department of Public Works employees.

The Cherry Hill DPW began monitoring the storm yesterday at 1 p.m., Dan Keashen Chief of Staff, said. By 5:30 p.m., workers were back to hit the road, ushering 41 vehicles onto the streets for pretreating, salting and sanding. After three hours, 260 miles and increasing snow fall, crews started round two, this time lowering the plows to local roads.

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“With snow coming down,” Keashen said, “it takes about eight hours to make one full pass. We completed two.”

With a break for dinner, about halfway through the 18-hour shift, crews had roads relatively clear by rush hour.

“No major problems were reported,” Keashen said. “The challenge was having the roads clear for rush hour. One of the prime reasons for our success was the effectiveness of our operation. The opening delay and school closing were good for us today, as it allowed plows to effectively clear the streets.”

No major accidents or power outages were reported.

The township will be restocking its salt supply, which is expected after two years of crazy snow accumulation.

“We make multiple orders during the year,” Keashen said. “Combined with last year, we’re using more than other average snow years, but these years are anomalies compared to years past. The weather has been consistently cold, so we’re treating the roadways a lot more.”

And while more salt, might mean more money for some, due to a shared service agreement with Camden County the township is paying less than usual, according to Keashen.

Residents have 48 hours from the time that the snow has stopped falling to clear their sidewalks for passage, according to the township.

As of this update, township offices, the library and schools are open tomorrow.


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