Center City bus service truncated


Starting tomorrow, New Jersey Transit riders will no longer have direct access from the Moorestown Mall and Cherry Hill Mall to Center City Philadelphia.

According to Dan Stessel, a spokesman for NJ Transit, the routes are being truncated to the Walter Rand Transportation Center in Camden.

Stessel said the routes are being shortened because the ridership on those routes consists of 80 percent of people riding to destinations in New Jersey and 20 percent riding into Philadelphia.

“What happens when you send busses into the city is they get stuck in traffic and become late for everyone else,” Stessel said. “By truncating these routes in Camden, we improve reliability and on time performance for 80 percent of riders.”

The remaining 20 percent of riders who use the routes to get to Center City can easily transfer, free of charge, at the Walter Rand Transportation Center onto a bus into Philadelphia.

“The connection times have been coordinated so that it’s really a matter of stepping off of one bus and stepping on to another,” Stessel said.

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