Borough to pick up electronics with trash

Effective January, Haddonfield and all municipalities in New Jersey will be required to pick up electronics waste as a separate pickup for recycling. Therefore, effective immediately, the borough will begin picking up the following items on your regular trash day:

• 15, 17, 19 and 21 inch monitors, flat screens and all-in-ones.

• Televisions (no consoles).

• Towers, desktops and laptops.

• Uninterrupted power supply (i.e. batter backup units).

• Keyboards, mouse and speakers.

• All type of wire.

• Gold clip ends.

• Printers, fax machines, scanners, modems, copy machines.

• All type of memory.

• Any hard drives.

• Fans and power supplies.

• Mother, B, C, Tweener and Finger Boards.

• AC Adaptors, yokes and motors.

• Plastic, tied in bundles (baled) or loose (i.e. computer shells, casings, etc.).

• Aluminum, brass, light iron and copper.

• Metals, tied in bundles (baled) or loose.

• Any and all related computer parts.

• Phones, cell phones, pagers, cell phone and laptop batteries.

• PC scrap and stereos (No wood).

• VCR’s, DVD’s, CD players, boomboxes.

• Any audio and visual equipment.

• Cash Registers and scales (electronic or mechanical).

• Rechargeable batteries.

• Household appliances not containing compressors.

These items should be put curbside on the ground separate from your normal recycling (paper, cans, bottles, plastic jugs, etc). A separate truck will pick these items up on your regular trash day.

The state Department of Environmental Protection notes that TVs, computers and monitors contain lead, mercury, and other toxins that need to be kept out of landfills.