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Planning Board tables hotel discussion

By ROBERT LINNEHAN | The Voorhees Sun

Sturbridge Lake residents came out en masse last night to urge the Voorhees Township Planning Board to not consider a master plan amendment that would allow for the construction of hotels on both sides of Route 73.

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As resident after resident protested the possible amendment, the three-and-a-half hour meeting concluded with the Planning Board tabling the decision until Sept. 22.

Chairman Thomas Fanelli said more research was needed to make an educated decision in regard to the amendment. He directed George Stevenson — a planner for Remington, Vernick and Arango — to look into the legal ramifications of allowing hotels on just one side of Route 73 and to see if there are any feasibility studies for the necessity of additional hotels in Voorhees.

He also directed the planner to contact Cherry Hill — a township that was brought up several times in the meeting because of its hotel corridor on Route 70 — and find out which hotels had public safety issues.

Finally, he directed the planner to make any reports or information gathered available to residents of the township and especially Sturbridge Lakes.

To read more about the proposal, visit http://elauw.it/gKc52.


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