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Town Hall to get a new neighbor?

By ROBERT LINNEHAN | The Voorhees Sun

The Voorhees Town Hall may have a new location as early as 2011. The Voorhees Committee approved an ordinance last night to construct new town hall facilities at the Voorhees Town Center and open it to the public next year.

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The new facility would be located directly adjacent to the Macy’s grand entrance. The town hall’s entrance would be on the first floor of the Town Center and be located on the second floor of the facility.

Mayor Michael Mignogna revealed that the idea came from a public hearing four years ago when a resident suggested moving the town hall to the Voorhees Town Center. The Committee has been investigating the possibility since, he said, and this is the most opportune time to undertake the construction project.

It would be a tax neutral plan, Mignogna said, with no net increase of local taxes. The sale of the current facility, historically low interest rates and construction costs lend itself to the timing of the move.


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