Taxes going up again

By ROBERT LINNEHAN | The Cherry Hill Sun

In the midst of a $9 million deficit, Cherry Hill Mayor Bernie Platt announced last night that tax bills throughout the township will again be increasing for the next quarter. A resident with an average assessed home at $140,000 will likely see their tax bill increase by about $49.

It’s an increase of about 7-cents per every $100 of assessed property value. In the wake of the tax increase, Platt said the township workforce would be reduced by 10 percent, putting the total number of employees at just less than 300. Since 2006, Cherry Hill has let go more than 50 employees in the face of steadily declining revenue streams and increased mandates from the state.

“During these tough times, I have a moral obligation to present an austere spending plan and make dramatic cuts to our operations,” Platt said. “Since I took office, I’ve reduced the size of government while trying to preserve our critical services.”

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