Canines for K-9s

Kevin Atlee, DMD of Moorestown has combined his passion for both canines and K-9s by creating the Canines for K-9s program to raise money for local law enforcement.

The goal is to buy as many K-9 bullet proof vests as possible and protect the four-legged heroes who protect us every day.

The next time you open up and say “Ah” at the dentist, you could be helping to outfit a police dog. Every time Atlee works on a patient’s eye teeth (the canine teeth) he contributes $10.

There are other ways to join the force: visit the Canines for K-9’s Facebook Fan Page to view news and updates, make a private donation and purchase a custom-made graphic T-shirt.

Generous companies and individuals can even buy whole vests for $650 right from the Facebook page.

Each donated vest helps relieve the financial burden on police departments and K-9 handlers who often buy equipment with their own money.

Proper vests only last a few years, so there is always a need for replacements.

For more information about the group, please contact Darren Atlee, Coordinator at: 856–234–8686 or