Attorney: School district ‘retaliates’ against student

An attorney representing a Haddonfield family said Friday that the board of education has “retaliated” against a student by kicking her of an athletic team over a dispute involving the district’s 24/7 drug and alcohol policy.

In a statement, attorney Matthew S. Wolf said the move is “thinly veiled retaliation against Jane Doe’s family for objecting to the 24/7 policy and an effort at intimidation by the administration of the Haddonfield Memorial High School.”

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He also asserts the move is a violation of the girl’s father’s First Amendment rights.

The dispute stems from a permission form the father signed for his daughter to participate in sports. In a cover letter to the school the father stated his belief that the 24/7 policy is illegal, but signed the form under duress.” According to the statement, the school district said if the father didn’t rescind the statement and use specific language required by the district, the daughter would not be allowed to participate.

This is a breaking news story. Updates with reaction from the school district and more details will be available at and in future print editions of The Sun.

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