Voters ready to take a chance?

By ROBERT LINNEHAN | The Haddonfield Sun

It won’t usher casinos into Haddonfield, but residents will have the opportunity to approve certain games of chance at the November general elections.

The borough commissioners approved an ordinance that would see a special referendum question placed on the November general election ballot. If approved, certified organizations within Haddonfield — such as veterans, charitable, or educations organizations — would be able to hold, operate, and conduct games of chance such as raffles or 50–50s.

Commissioner Ed Borden said Haddonfield has had an ordinance on its books that have outlawed games of chance since at least the 1950’s. Many organizations have approached the borough over the past several years, he said, asking to hold these events to build up their treasuries.

The ordinance will be heard on second reading in two weeks. For more information please see a future edition of the Haddonfield Sun.