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Radnor Field getting a new look?

By ROBERT LINNEHAN | The Haddonfield Sun
Board of Education members are considering an extensive review of the facilities at Radnor Field.
Representatives from the Haddonfield Little League presented a detailed plan to update and make several changes to the athletic facility.
The organization presented several suggestions to the Board of Education, Superintendent Alan Fegley said. Changes include improvements in the complex’s drainage capability and redistribution of parking, an issue that neighborhood residents have raised to the borough for several years.
Mike Malady, vice president of the T-Shirts division for the Haddonfield Little League, presented the proposed improvements at Radnor Field to an audience of concerned residents and local officials, which included Mayor Tish Colombi, district board members Glenn Moramarco and Dennis Kelleher, and Fegley.
An extensive survey of the property needs to be completed by March, Little League representatives said.
Representatives noted several improvements that could be completed before this upcoming April, most notably removing the asphalt walkway that winds through the complex and fill in with dirt.
Additionally, the fields at Wayne and Farwood could be reseeded and the Wayne Avenue field would see its infield extended, the representative reported.
Both fields could be reseeded for a total of $5,000 and the infield extension would cost about $5,000 as well, Malady said.
While these were several accommodations that could be completed before the upcoming baseball season, there were several others that would have to be put off until next year because of their intricacy.
One of the biggest — and controversial — changes would be the construction of a new parking lot along Farwood Avenue.
The lot would be built just below the current pine tree-lined area behind the varsity baseball field. Improvements to the existing parking lot would be made by shrinking the baseball field’s foul territory and expanding the lot to accommodate more vehicles.
Parking at Radnor Field has long been a community issue. Many have come forward throughout the years to voice their concerns over the number of vehicles that park on the street when lot overflows. Residents also say motorists tend to speed down the street.
Randi Schwartz, a resident of Farwood Avenue, said the new parking lot would just move the traffic problems from one side of the field to another.

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