Help Big Daddy and others

Big Daddy was rescued by a young couple who cared for him while trying to find him a home. They did not have much luck and since their baby was allergic they had to find an alternative safe haven for him. Big Daddy is a large mostly white boy with a remarkable personality. He is super easy going, loves cats and dogs, loves to eat and be rubbed.

If your looking for a big, easy going, adorable addition to your family, Big Daddy would be a perfect fit. Big Daddy is up-to-date with routine shots, house trained and spayed/neutered.

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Pet tip — Supervise animals that play with string closely. Ribbon and tinsel are especially interesting to playful cats and kittens. While chasing and swatting they may also chew and swallow. These strings can catch in the GI tract, which leads to bunching of the intestines while the body tries to move the string or ribbon through. This is a life -threatening condition requiring surgery for correction.

E-mail if you can help this or any other animal in need of a home.

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