Deck the Paws

Elauwit Media’s Deck the Paws and Help a Collie drive to aid animal shelters and rescue groups has kicked off. We need your help to make this year as successful as the past four.

Below is a list of drop spots. These are businesses that have agreed to collect your donated items until we can pick them up and take them to the shelters. You can stop by these locations during regular business hours and leave your items for the shelters in the baskets we provide.

We always are in need of drop spots, and it’s not too late to join this year. All that is asked of drop spots is to allow us to put a basket and flyer in your office, let people fill up the basket with donations, and then call us to pick up the items when the basket is full. We take the items to the shelters and pick up the basket once the drive is over. That’s it, and your efforts will be greatly appreciated. The more drop spots we have, the more items we collect.

To be a drop spot, and to be added to the published list, e-mail as soon as possible.

We also will publish a list of items the shelters need. There’s no doubt that dog and cat food, non-clumping cat litter and bleach will be needed. In particular, bleach and cat items always seem to be in high demand, so you can’t go wrong donating those items, along with cleaning and office supplies.

Of course, this being the holidays, any treats and toys you can donate are greatly appreciated by the shelters’ “guests.”

The donation baskets will remain at the drop spots until Dec. 18, so there’s only about a month to stop by and lend a hand.

Any questions? Send an e-mail to the above address or call (856) 427–0933, ext. 118.

Cherry Hill

Cherry Hill Volvo

1810 Route 70 W.


Clinical Research

1820 Chapel Ave W.

S. 300

Paper & Ribbon

Supply Co.

1931 Olney Ave. #200

New Behavioral Network

2 Pin Oak Lane



Public Library

111 W. Second St.


Animal Hospital

104 Kings Hwy.


Benefits Group, Inc.

Blason Plaza, S. 132

505 S. Lenola Rd

South Jersey

Eye Physicians

509 S. Lenola

Rd. S. 11


Holistic Center

100 W. Camden Ave

505 Lenola Rd.



Hoagie Works

13 S. Haddon Ave.

Mabel Kay House

24 Walnut St.

Scamper’s Pals

9 Lee Ave.

807 Haddon Ave.

Elauwit Media

108 Kings Hwy. E.

Third Floor

Magee Residence Front Porch

401 Kings Hwy. W.

Haddon Heights

Christian Science Reading Room & Bookstore

604 Station Ave.


The Promenade

Concierge Services

Route 73

Jellybean Jungle

Crispin Square

Party Warehouse

780 Route 70 Marlton

Dr. Stephen Falkrowski’s Office

12000 Lincoln Dr. W.



Company Store

134 S. Main St.

Dan Higgins

Wood Flooring

370 Miller Rd.

Kids Ahead Consulting

6 N. Main St.

Taunton Forge Elementary School

32 Evergreen Trail

Maple Shade

Cottman Transmission

135 E. Kings Hwy.


Voorhees Police Department

620 Haddonfield-Berlin Rd.


Cave’s Frame

& Mirror Shop

33 E. Kings Hwy.


Cooper River Bldg

6981 N. Park Drive


Ace of Spays

1485 Route 38


Arnieri’s Pizzaria

201 Middleton St.