State nixes Tavistock district

By ROBERT LINNEHAN | The Haddonfield Sun
Say goodbye to the Tavistock School District.
Gov. Corzine signed a bill several weeks ago to eliminate all school districts in the state that do not have a school within their boundaries. Tavistock will merge with the neighboring Haddonfield School District by the upcoming school year.
Corzine signed the bill in late June in the borough on the steps of the middle school. In a press release issued by the state, Corzine called the bill a positive first step toward school district consolidation.
“This legislation that I am signing is another important component in our effort to share services and reduce the size of government,” Corzine said. “By merging with neighboring districts, students will receive the same quality education as before, and we will also begin to bring more rhyme and reason to our system of school districts across the state.”
Tavistock has traditionally sent students to the Haddonfield School District and paid school taxes based on the number of students in the district. However, with the merger, residents in Tavistock may have to share the overall school taxes with residents of Haddonfield.
According to recent data from the 2007 U.S. Census, Tavistock consists of four households, a country club — a total of 28 residents.
See this week’s print edition of The Sun for the full story.

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