Circle work affecting businesses

By AUBRIE GEORGE | The Marlton Telegram

No matter what the image, it’s becoming clear that motorists who travel the intersection are beginning to see changes in the area surrounding the Marlton Circle.

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More and more orange work zone signs are popping up at the intersection of Routes 70 and 73, where state Department of Transportation workers are beginning construction on an overpass.

Some Circle-area business owners say they’re dealing with adverse effects from the construction, which is becoming more of an inconvenience every day.

Cherry Valley Tractor owner Harold Wright said construction workers broke a water main, leaving his business without water pressure. He also said they have been experiencing problems with phone lines that, he said, may or may not be related to construction.

“Any time you’re under construction, you run into problems,” Wright said.

Wright was also concerned with possible dust and debris flying around on dry days.

“Its tough on businesses,” Wright said. “Probably not for us because people need to come to us for parts and services, but for other fast food places and things. People are completely going to avoid it.”

See this week’s print edition of The Telegram for the full story.

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