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School board approves Council’s budget cuts

By AUBRIE GEORGE | The Marlton Telegram

Wanting to keep its staff and special education program intact, the Board of Education approved the township’s $1.2 million reduction of its budget down to each Council-recommended cut.

In May, Council voted to reduce the Evesham K-8 school district’s defeated $79 million school budget by the largest amount the township has ever recommended.

According to the state Department of Education’s policy on failed school budgets, the board was only required to cut the amount Council recommended from its budget — it did not have to accept specific reductions.

In the vote, Council included recommendations for a $50,000 cut in general supplies, a $200,000 reduction in the money budgeted for tuition for special education students to attend private institutions, a $50,000 reduction in transportation supplies, a $200,000 reduction in health benefits, $320,000 less toward construction services, an $80,000 reduction in the utilization of capital reserve and a $300,000 reduction in costs by leasing instead of purchasing school buses.

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