Recycling options weighed

By ROBERT LINNEHAN | The Voorhees Sun

With Camden County now offering co-mingled recycling, the township is looking into offering its residents more opportunities to increase their recycling rates for 2010.

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Township Administrator Larry Spellman said the committee is looking into several new recycling initiatives related to the single stream recycling plant Camden County now offers its municipalities. Committee members are mulling over possibly spending $500,000 for a new fully automated recycling truck and 96-gallon recycling containers for residents.

The containers would allow for all recyclable materials to be thrown in together, Spellman said. Presently, residents have to separate their metal and paper into two different containers. The 96-gallon containers would contain all recyclables and be picked up by the new automated armed recycling truck.

“We now have the technology to put all materials into one container. At the new plant they separate it all,” Spellman said. “This makes it easier for the residents, letting them put all the recycling into one container.”

See this week’s print edition of The Sun for the full story.

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