9,260 tons, what do they get?

By ROBERT LINNEHAN | The Haddonfield Sun
In 2007, Haddonfield had the highest average of recyclable materials per home in the borough, topping all municipalities in Camden County.
Mayor Tish Colombi said she’s hoping to the borough has done enough to finish on top again and claim the coveted $25,000 grant that goes with the honor.
In 2008, the borough recycled more than 9,260 tons of recyclable materials, according to Public Works Manager Dave Watson.
Leaves made up the largest portion of the recycled material, with 4,208 tons recycled in 2008. Concrete, asphalt, rock and brick made up the second largest portion with almost 2,000 tons recycled.
To bump recycling numbers, the borough distributed separate recycling bins for cans, paper and yard waste to every resident in Haddonfield. However, Colombi said the county’s recycling center recently decided to change to a single-stream system. Municipalities sending materials to the center don’t have to separate their materials anymore.
“The newest thing that started to happen after we won the award is that Camden County will now accept everything in single-stream,” she said. “That’s OK. We feel like the cans really afford our residents to put more recyclables out altogether. It all winds up in the same truck.”
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