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Construction on schedule

By ROBERT LINNEHAN | The Voorhees Sun

A year ago, Virtua Health executives stuck their ceremonial shovels into the ground near Route 70 and Dutchtown Road and posed as photographers furiously snapped pictures. One year later, the state-of-the-art hospital facility’s steel skeleton is towering into the air, and construction workers are readying the building’s façade to be closed.

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Virtua’s newest health campus overlooks Route 73 and is on schedule for completion in the first quarter of 2011, according to Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Michael Kotzen.

Construction is on schedule, he said, and no delays have bogged the project down so far. About 300 workers are on the site, he said, and will be increasing in the next few months when the mechanical and electrical trade work begins.

“The goal is to get the building completely closed in before the winter. That’s what we’d like to see,” he said.

“We haven’t had any problems yet. We’re working through some of our state approvals right now, and we anticipate we’ll be fine with that. We’re working with the Department of Transportation and the DEP, and we’re on schedule.”

No intricate interior work has started in the facility, Kotzen said. That work will begin once the wall system starts to enclose the facility in the next few months.

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