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Elauwit Media: Alive and kicking

Sometimes we feel a bit like Abe Vigoda. Shouldn’t we both be dead by now?

Abe, despite some inaccurate reports in the past, is still kicking. And so is Elauwit Media. “Death by association” is just something we have to deal with.

Indeed, it’s been a rough time for newspapers in this area.

The Journal Register Company finds its stock worth less than a penny a share. It closed a number of newspapers, including the NewsWeekly in Moorestown and the Haddon Herald and Haddon Life, which served Haddonfield.

The owner of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News, and publisher of the Trend shopper, has filed for bankruptcy protection.

Gannett, the parent company of the Courier-Post, has gone and is going through a series of layoffs and furloughs. Its stock traded for around $60 two years ago. This year, it dropped below $2 a share.

That’s not to say Elauwit Media skated through the economic meltdown unscathed. We also were forced into cuts and tough decisions. But when someone says, “Surely you guys are going under too,” we always respond: “No we’re not. And don’t call us Shirley.”

Yeah, we’re different — and always in a good way. You’re reading this column in a newspaper that is unlike any other around here: Mailed, for free, and packed with local news. Our business strategy/slogan — Everybody Gets It. Everybody Reads It. — is simple, profound and, well, quite successful, at least compared to what some of the other guys are going through.

Likewise, our Web sites are unique — both for readers and advertisers.

Readers will see the sites are tightly focused on local news. They are updated frequently. They include — or will include — content that is unique to the site (meaning you won’t find the story/photo in the newspaper). No bells and whistles. Just news about your hometown.

Advertisers frustrated with paying for click-throughs or views from “worthless” online visitors — those who have no interest or ability to do business with the advertiser — will be pleased to learn about STOMP.

Our Strategically Targeted Online Marketing Plan takes the guesswork and waste out of Internet marketing. We drive real customers — those who will walk through the door or place an online order — to an advertiser’s Web site or store.

Our proprietary software monitors advertisements in real-time, and makes instantaneous changes in budgeting and positioning to take full advantage of trends and opportunities. No more placing an ad and hoping for the best. It’s active management for online marketing plans.

And for those of you who either can’t get enough of what’s going on over here or who really need to find a hobby, Elauwit Media has a Facebook page, and, as of last week, we’re on Twitter (twitter.com/elauwitmedia).

People always have had and always will have an appetite for local, relevant news.

Businesses always have needed and always will need effective and efficient ways to attract customers.

It’s just that delivery methods change over time. At Elauwit Media, we’ve anticipated those changes and are delivering for our readers and advertisers today. We’ll continue to do so tomorrow — and for years to come. Whether through print or online, Elauwit Media gets the job done.

And in that respect, more than any other, we’re really different from the other guys.

Alan Bauer is the general manager and editor of The Telegram. He can be reached at 427–0933 ext. 118, or at abauer@elauwitmedia.com.

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