Option A1 a go for Town Hall

By AUBRIE GEORGE | The Moorestown Sun

A consensus vote at last night’s regular action meeting means that Council officially decided to move forward with Option A1 in developing a new Town Hall complex. Council’s choice to proceed with this option means the current facility will be adapted and re-used in order to fit an expanded police department, municipal court facilities and a Council chamber, as well as the relocated municipal library. This concept also includes conceptual ideas for the subsequent addition of a new municipal office building adjacent to the existing building to house the Town Hall offices.

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Councilman John Button, who serves as Council’s liaison on the project, said officials have begun meeting to work out further details and make sure the project is “shovel-ready” and prepared to take advantage of any stimulus or alternate funding it may be eligible to receive.

Under this option, homeowners in the average assessed home will pay approximately $107 annually, or just under $9 per month, over the life of a 20-year bond. Officials said that residents who live in town and use the complex the longest will pay for it the longest.

In other news, Council also adopted a resolution to enter into an agreement with Burlington County that will begin participation in an auto-cart recycling program. The resolution allows for the purchase of about 2,000 auto-carts and also implements the option for residents to enroll in the RecycleBank program. Township Manager Chris Schultz said the agreement only commits the township to implementing the carts in one section of the township that has been identified to participate in a trial of the program.

For more details on option A1, see the March 25 print edition of The Sun.

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